Trip to the vet

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” ― Hippolyte Taine

Our lovely not so little kitties have reached twelve months of age. So being the responsible pet owners were are,  the time came for us to take them to the vet for a checkup. I made appointments for our two little cherubs and arranged a double appointment for our beloved Zelda. Giving them very clear warnings about her claws, extreme distaste for being touched or handled in any way and positive terror of strangers.

Our little princess... Such an innocent face!
Our little princess… Such an innocent face!

We got the travel cages out, left them on the ground for them to get used to the idea of and the time came, Dave picked up Mr Bertie without a fuss, put him and and he sat very happily surrounded by his comfy blankets and his ‘comfort toy’ (strange cat).

Then came the moment we had been dreading… Trying to get Zelda into the travel cage… As much as she loves us both now, hands are still viewed as evil. Since she is overall much easier for me to handle than Dave, again goodness knows why (or in this case only one crazy cat knows why), the person with the least experience with cats had a go at capturing and terrified kitty. I gave her some food, she rubbed against my legs, she let me crouch down and she rubbed against my hands. The second I tried to pick her up she freaked riiiiiight out. Ran around like a mad thing. In the end Dave had to try using a sheet to catch her.

All to no avail. In the end she was going to hurt herself she was so worked up. So Zelda decided to stay home and Bertie went to the vet alone.

Bertie was the cutest little guy, very happy as long as either of us were touching him too and when he started to stress on the way home, I climbed into the backseat and did a naughty, just opened the cage door and he crawled onto my lap and became so contented he was purring like a chainsaw! lol.

Who said siblings were alike?!

Maybe a little similar in appearance...
Maybe a little similar in appearance after all.

After we got home, Zelda did this herself half an hour later…..

Of her own volition... Went to explore.
Of her own volition… Went to explore.

I could have killed her! Gah!


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