The subtle aroma of snake vomit

“Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” – Benjamin Franklin

The lovely smelly girl when she did NOT have a tummy ache!
The lovely smelly girl when she did NOT have a tummy ache!

I would like to tell you a story. Today I walked in the door after a long day at work and stopped, sniffed, and paused… With no further ado immediately went and checked on the snake.  To put it in perspective, many people, when they hear you have a pet snake ask about how they… to put it gently ‘pass their excrement’ and hilariously, even believe that maybe they did not do so. Well for anyone who has ever owned a snake knows, out of any animal I have ever encountered, they can produce the largest stinks known to man!

On this day however, it was a new stink, one I had not yet encountered. Snake vomit… We fed our lovely on Saturday, everything was going well then Monday night there is a lovely very stinky lump in her cage. Happily she appears to be fine, if a little grumpy. Clearly has a bit of a belly ache. So after every pet owners first response, checking she was OK and getting some expert advice. I then considered what to do about the mess. I am home alone, with a likely quite irritable python in a smelly cage… Now whilst I will happily handle her alone on a normal day, handling a 1.4 meter long snake with a stomach ache doesn’t rate high on my list of things I would like to do this evening.

So, I am resolved to open the house wiiiiide up, with some lovely scented candles burning awaiting my husband’s arrival after work when the two of us can clear out the stinky box.

Cheers to the next five hours of sitting in a house gifted with the gentle aromas of frangipani scented candles…. and snake vomit…

Sigh! We pet owners must be slightly nuts!


2 thoughts on “The subtle aroma of snake vomit

  1. I should add here so that everyone is aware. I am not in any way making light over my animal being unwell or being a bad pet owner. My first actions were to secure her wellbeing and make sure she was fine and healthy, and importantly, as I said, to seek professional advice. Amusing blog posts come later 😛

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